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Taxes keep the municipality moving forward. Taxes are billed twice each year.  Interim Tax Bills are mailed in February with installments due in March and May.  Final Tax Bills are mailed in June with installments due in July and September.

Tax rates are calculated in conjunction with the budget process.  Interim taxes are 50% of the previous years’ amount.  Final taxes are the adjusted amount after the current year tax rates have been determined.

Payment Options

  • Telephone & Internet Banking 
  • Pre-Authorized Payment Plan 
  • By Mail 
  • In Person 

Telephone & Internet Banking
When using telephone or internet banking, “Algonquin Highlands Tax” is the payee and the 19-digit roll number on your tax bill will become in whole or in part, your account number for the payment. You must enter a separate roll number for each property that you own.

Pre-Authorized Payment Plan
To enroll in the Pre-Authorized Payment Plan, please complete the Pre-Authorized Payment Plan form and return to the office with a void cheque no later than 15 days prior to the tax due date.  

Payments are withdrawn on each of the four due dates annually.  Only current property taxes are withdrawn so please ensure that your property taxes are paid up to date.  If they are not, please call the Finance Department for a current amount outstanding.  

Remember to notify us when selling your property if you are registered in our pre-authorized payment plan.

If you’d like a hard copy of the form, drop by the office or call and we’ll mail, email or fax one to you.

By Mail
Cheques and money orders should be made payable to “Township of Algonquin Highlands”. Post-dated cheques are accepted.

In Person
You can make a payment in person at the Main Office at 1123 North Shore Road, Algonquin Highlands or at the Dorset Satellite Office at 1051 Main Street, Dorset. We accept cash, cheque and money order. Interac transactions are accepted at our Main Office only. There is a drop box/slot at the front door of each location for after hours. Post-dated cheques are accepted.

Property Tax Arrears

If your property taxes are falling behind or your situation has changed making your property taxes difficult to keep up, please contact our office and discuss how we can help. Penalty and interest charges of 1.25% (15% per annum) will be added on the first day of each month on all taxes that have not been paid by the due date.  Penalty and interest are deducted first from all payments made and the remaining amount, if any, will be applied to the oldest outstanding balance first.  Penalty/interest charges cannot be waived.

Other Charges

  • Returned payment from bank - $45/each
  • Transfer Tax balance credit and/or Tax overpayment refunds - $20/each
  • Tax Billing History Report - $15/year

Supplementary Tax Billings

A supplementary or omitted tax bill reflects any additions or improvements made to a property.

The value of the construction/addition is determined by the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC). Once fully assessed, it will be retroactive to your occupancy date, which may be up to three years.

It can take time for a property to be reassessed. Supplementary billings can occur at any time of the year and taxes for the entire waiting period could be all billed within the same year and come due at the same time.  For this reason, you are encouraged to start setting aside funds for the future supplementary tax bills.

Property Assessment

If you have questions regarding your property assessment, please contact MPAC directly at 1-866-296-6722 or visit their website at

Moved? Changed your mailing address?

It is the property owner’s responsibility to inform the Township of any change of mailing address.  To prevent misdirected tax bills, please advise us in writing as soon as possible.  A change of address form is available by clicking here.  Please be aware, failure to receive a tax bill does not relieve you from payment of taxes nor from liability of penalty for late payment.

Contact Information

Sarah Hutson
Tax Administrator
Phone: 705-489-2379


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