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Information for renters and guests

Rental Property owners

When you rent out your property, you as the property owner, are responsible to ensure your guests have access to waste disposal sites and that they know how to properly manage any waste they generate while staying in Algonquin Highlands.

Cottage Kits

A simple way to provide renters and guests with everything they need to manage waste for a short term stay is the Cottage Kit. The Cottage kit is a great package that includes:

  • A Cottage Kit landfill pass - a one time use pass that gives guests access to Algonquin Highlands waste disposal sites
  • Clear garbage bags for waste
  • Clear bags for recycling
  • A sturdy paper bag for cardboard and paper
  • Map showing Algonquin Highlands Waste disposal site locations
  • Site hours
  • Recycling guide - a simple guide to help visitors properly sort blue box materials
  • Waste disposal fees (in case you have had ambitious guests taking on construction projects, moving out furniture or maybe clearing up yard waste)
  • Information on Bears in cottage county (and how to keep them out of the cottage!)

Waste Wizard for renters

Looking for a digital solution that will answer your renters questions about waste management in Algonquin Highlands? The Waste Wizard is a great tool for visitors - they can quickly download the mobile app or find it here.

Ask the waste wizard

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