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Algonquin Highlands

Environment and Sustainability

The lakes, rivers, wetlands and forests of Algonquin Highlands are much more than just a beautiful setting; they are the social, economic and cultural lifeblood of the community. Protecting these natural assets, along with mitigating the effects of climate change, is a priority for the Township, and considerations of environmental stewardship are at the forefront of municipal decision-making and policy.

From protecting lake health to prolonging the lifespan of waste disposal sites, a series of programs offered by the Township, the County of Haliburton and community groups help to achieve goals of sustainability.

Water Levels

Watershed Conditions Statement - Water Safety (Monday, June 24)


The Coalition for Equitable Water Flow (CEWF) is a volunteer organization that was formed in August 2006. Its goal is to represent the interests of the more than 30,000 Ontario taxpayers who own residential shoreline property on 55 lakes that feed all the way down into the Trent Canal, the water levels of which are controlled by the Trent Severn Waterway.

The first video below explains the operation of the TSW, while the second discusses what you can do to help protect your waterfront. 

Muskoka Watershed Council

Muskoka Watershed Council (MWC) is an initiative of The District Municipality of Muskoka (DMM) and the Muskoka community. MWC was founded in 2001 and became incorporated as an independent non-profit organization in July 2019.

MWC is an advisory body and not a regulatory or enforcement agency. Instead, it makes recommendations to municipal governments, to decision-makers, to managers and to the general public on ways to protect and restore the resources of the area’s watersheds.

You can learn more about the Muskoka River Watershed Council here. 

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