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The Environment and Stewardship Committee provides recommendations to Council on environmental initiatives, energy conservation measures and support for waste diversion with an emphasis on public education and inter-agency collaboration.

Agenda and Minutes

Agenda and minutes from the committee are public documents and available through the County of Haliburton CivicWeb Portal

Terms of Reference

The Environment and Stewardship Committee is guided by the Terms of Reference established Council.  The committee has been tasked with the following goals:

  • The Environment and Stewardship Committee through its activities and support of Council will propose environmental initiatives, energy conservation measures and support for waste diversion. 
  • The Committee will undertake educational initiatives to raise the profile of the environment and to further public understanding environmental practices. 
  • The Committee will co-operate with, but avoid duplicating, the activities of other community organizations. 
  • The Committee will be a catalyst for local initiatives that promote environmental sustainability, integrity and conservation of municipal resources and the eco-systems within it. 
  • The Committee will develop a plan to make recommendations to enhance and promote Official Plan environmental objectives.


The Committee is represented by the following members: 

  • Two (2) Township Councillors appointed by the Mayor:
    • Lisa Barry
    • Jennifer Dailloux
  • One (1) staff member
    • Melissa Murray - Environmental Coordinator
  •  Four (4) members of the public with emphasis from the following groups: 
  • The Haliburton Land Trust
    • Sheila Ziman
  • CHA (Coalition of Haliburton Property Association) representative
    • John McHardy
  • Haliburton High Secondary School Eco team representative 
    • Josie Quigley
  • Environment Haliburton member representative 
    • Juliane VanLieshout
  • Two (2) members of the public who are a Municipal Elector 
    • Mary Jane McLeod
    • Phil Dube

If you're interested in joining the committee, please get in touch.

Contact information

Melissa Murray
Environmental Coordinator
Phone: 705-489-2379
Email: mmurray@algonquinhighlands.ca


Terms of Reference: Environment & Stewardship Committee