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Recycling and Waste Diversion

In Algonquin Highlands, blue box recycling is mandatory. Our program is separated into two streams: fibres and containers. Recycling Depots are located at each of the Township waste management (landfill) sites. The Algonquin Highlands Recycling Guide is a handy printable recycling guide. Print a copy and post in the area where you collect recyclables. Copies are also available at waste disposal sites (please ask the attendant) or can be picked up at the Township office (1123 North Shore Rd.).

Recycling food and beverage containers

icons of various types of containers including water bottles, detergent bottles, pop cans, tin cans, glass food jars, pet food can, yogurt container, foil pie plate


  • Plastic containers and bottles
    • plastic pop and water bottles
    • yogurt containers
    • plastic ice cream containers
    • dish soap and shampoo bottles
    • laundry detergent, fabric softener, bleach bottles
    • clear fruit and veggie containers
    • clear bakery containers (clamshell type)
    • vitamin bottles
  • Glass bottles and jars
    • from food and beverages
  • Metal cans and foil
    • food and beverage cans
    • clean aluminum foil
    • pie plates and aluminum prepared food trays
  • Styrofoam food trays/containers
    • meat and bakery trays
    • coffee cups
    • fast food containers
  • Plastic bags - place all bags in one bag and tie closed
    • soft and stretchy bags such as milk bags, bread bags, shopping bags
    • wrapping from water bottle cases, toilet paper packages

Paper and paper packaging

icons of paper products including corrugated cardboard boxes, newspaper, cereal box, printer paper, cartons and juice boxes


  • Corrugated cardboard boxes - MUST be flattened
    • no waxed boxes (not common, but sometimes used for bulk packaging of vegetables)
    • clean cardboard only - no food residue
    • ensure all inner packaging is removed (i.e. bubble wrap, Styrofoam packaging, etc.)
  • Boxboard - MUST be flattened
    • cereal, granola bar, cracker boxes
    • detergent boxes
    • tissue boxes (but NO tissues)
    • shoe boxes
  • Newspapers, flyers and magazines
    • NO books
  • Mixed paper
    • writing paper
    • printer paper
    • non-foil wrapping paper
    • paper shopping bags
    • envelopes
  • Cartons and tetra-pak type containers
    • box type soup containers
    • juice boxes (remove and discard straws in garbage)
    • Milk and juice cartons (rinse well and crush, then replace plastic lids)

These type of containers are placed in the Fibre bin with paper and cardboard.

Ensure containers are rinsed well.

  • box type soup containers
  • juice boxes (remove and discard straws in garbage)
  • Milk and juice cartons (rinse well and crush, then replace plastic lids)

Please return deposit return containers to the Beer Store or a local LCBO/Beer convenience outlet. Deposit return containers, such as beer cans and bottles, liquor and wine bottles and all types of mixed liquor and beer packaging can be returned to deposit return locations.

At the Dorset Transfer Station, the Dorset Lion's club operates a collection depot for deposit return containers. Club volunteers collect and sort these containers and they are returned to the beer store through a special collection. Revenue from these container returns help to fund local projects.

Diabetes Canada Drop boxes are located at:

  • Dorset TS
  • Maple TS
  • Stanhope Firefighters Community Centre parking lot
  • Robinson General Store in Dorset

Ensure materials are clean and dry, place in a sturdy plastic bag, tie closed and place in bin. Unfortunately, materials that get wet will get mouldy and have to be placed in the garbage.

Also available in Haliburton County:

  • SIRCH Thrift Warehouse
  • Lilly Ann Thrift Store

Most types of metal that are not food or beverage containers can be recycled as "scrap metal". Place it in the scrap metal pile at the Maple Lake, Oxtongue Lake, or Dorset Transfer Station Waste Disposal Sites. There is no charge for disposal of scrap metal.

No vehicles or large trailer can be accepted. You are encouraged to bring these larger items directly to a scrap metal facility.

Engines of any kind must have all fluids drained.

Metal oil tanks can only be accepted if they are cut in half. Water heater tanks must be empty.

Ask the waste wizard

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