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Road Closures and Delays

Road closures are sometimes necessary in order to undertake emergency repairs or planned road improvement projects.  

See the Municipal Road Closure Map for the most current road closure information. Please note that minor projects and repairs requiring only a short closure/delay may not be posted.

Updates on major road construction projects are also posted in this space. 

Please note that Crown Lake Road, 30th Line Road, Austin Lake Road and Partridge Lake Road are not winter-maintained roadways, and it's recommended that the public not use them beyond posted signage. 

Reduced or 'half-load' restrictions are imposed each year during the spring thaw to protect Township roads when road damage is most likely to occur. Half load can be in place anytime between March 1 and May 31, with notifications of specific dates sent out each year. 

Are you having an event and would like to request a temporary road closure? Call us, we'd be happy to discuss it with you.

Half-Load Restrictions

In Ontario, every year from approximately March 1st to July, municipalities impose what are referred to as half-load, or reduced/seasonal load restrictions on Municipal roadways. While these restrictions are in place, the road is simply off limits to heavy transports or limited access for trucks and transports.

Half-load restrictions’ are normally placed on select roadways during the spring thaw. When a half-load restriction is in place, it means that commercial vehicles over a certain weight class are not permitted to use the roadway.

Passenger vehicles are exempt from the restriction. Larger vehicles such as dump trucks, delivery trucks, concrete trucks and heavy equipment floats that haul excavators, bulldozers and cranes are included and are required to only carry half of the vehicle’s payload.

This restriction is due to the need to protect the road and the road bed from being permanently damaged.

In the spring, frost comes out of the ground. As moisture comes out of the road bed, the road becomes softer and weaker. Heavy loads can cause the road to sink and break apart, which can lead to permanent damage.

To avoid rebuilding after every spring thaw, which would cost a lot of taxpayer dollars, townships impose restrictions to give the roads time to properly shed the frost.

Due to variations in weather patterns, half-load restrictions are different every year and are not set for a specific length of time. A long winter with a lot of snow could make restrictions longer. The general guideline is from March 1st to July, depending on the season and the road conditions in certain locations.

When a half-load restriction is in effect, the road is simply off limits to heavy transports. However, in some cases there are alternate routes that can be taken in order to reach the destination. This may require additional permits such as a road occupancy permit. If your building project takes place in the spring  (which is the busiest time of year in the building industry), remember that patience is key. Knowing about half-load restrictions in your area will help you in planning your project accordingly.

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