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Septic Re-Inspections

The Township of Algonquin Highlands implemented a five (5) year Septic Re-Inspection Program for its residents. WSP Canada Inc. (WSP), as a third party consultant, administered the Septic Re-Inspection Program on behalf of the Township of Algonquin Highlands (the Township), conducting the re-inspections between 2018 – 2022, inclusive.

The Septic Re-Inspection Program was a discretionary program, initiated by the Township of Algonquin Highlands to help preserve and protect surface water and groundwater quality. The program included inspections of all properties within the Township serviced by one or more on-site sewage systems in accordance with the amended Ontario Building Code (O. Reg.332/12). All existing on-site sewage systems regulated by the Ontario Building Code were inspected for malfunction, deterioration, misuse, and overall compliance with Part 8.9 of the Ontario Building Code in order to identify any operation and maintenance issues that could pose possible risk to human and environmental health.

WSP developed the Septic Re-Inspection Program based on the re-inspection guidelines provided by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing and in conjunction with the requests of the Township of Algonquin Highlands. Class 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 sewage systems, as defined by the Ontario Building Code, were inspected by WSP under the Program. Listed below are the various classes of sewage systems:

Class 1: Chemical/Composting Toilet, Portable Privy, Earth Pit Privy, Pail Privy, Privy Vault, Outhouse
Class 2: Greywater System
Class 3: Cesspool
Class 4: Septic Tank and Leaching Bed System (including those with advanced treatment systems)
Class 5: Holding Tank

Approximately 4,500 inspections were completed throughout the five (5) year program with each re-inspection taking approximately one (1) hour to complete. Property owners, or a representative over the age of eighteen (18), had to be present during the re-inspection process as well as ensure that the septic tank lids were exposed prior to the arrival of the Inspector. An inspection report was completed and a copy of the report was provided to both the property owner as well as the Township for their records. Properties found to have improperly functioning systems received a remedial action letter outlining the deficiencies and documenting the required actions and timelines for corrective measures. Properties that did not require remedial action were provided certificate letters.

Staff are currently working to address required re-inspections for outstanding properties and will be in contact with those property owners mid spring 2023.

Council is working towards commencing a new program in the near future.

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