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By-Laws and Policies

The Municipal Act, 2001 authorizes Ontario municipalities to create and enforce by-laws and policies to maintain the health, safety and wellness of their community.

Our most frequently requested by-laws and policies are available for download, below.  By-laws and policies passed by the Township since 2006 are also available online at the Algonquin Highlands CivicWeb Portal.  To view a by-law or policy passed prior to 2006, please contact the Clerk's Office.

Frequently Requested By-laws

By-laws contained in this section have been prepared for the purpose of convenience only and are not certified true copies. When available, consolidated versions including the original by-law and any subsequent amendments are combined. For accurate reference, contact the Clerk for copies of the official by-laws and documents.

If you require any of these documents in an alternative format please contact the Township Clerk by e-mail or phone 705-489-2379.

Frequently Requested Policies

Contact Information

Dawn Newhook
Municipal Clerk
Phone: 705-489-2379 Ext. 333


By-law 09-31 Discharge of Guns or Other Firearms for the Purpose of Target Practice
By-Law 2012-3 Accountability and Transparency Policy
By-law 2012-38 Docking and Mooring of Boats
By-law 2013-12 Control of Dogs
By-law 2013-30 Noise
By-law 2020-23 Building Permit By-law
By-law 2022-76 Parking
Clean and Clear By-Law 2023-11
Parking Fines - Schedule A
Parking Fines - Schedule B
Policy - Compressed Workweek Policy
Policy - Concussion Awareness and Management Policy
Policy - Disconnecting from Work Policy 2022
Policy - Level of Service Policy (Bear Lake Road)
Policy - Lottery Licensing Policy
Policy - Purchasing Policy 2021
Policy - Shore Road Allowance Closing Policy
Policy - Special Event Policy
Policy - Volunteer Policy
Zoning By-law 2022-49
Zoning By-law 2022-49 Schedules