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During the municipal budget process, staff and Council work collaboratively to establish priorities for important infrastructure projects, programs and services within each department to consistently maintain and improve municipal service levels.

The budget is a balancing act, often between competing priorities - what can we afford versus providing a high level of services for residents.  The Treasurer is responsible for coordinating the overall budget process with active support from staff.  

In Algonquin Highlands, the Treasurer is also the Deputy-Clerk.  

Throughout the year, the Treasurer provides regular financial reports to, and receives input from, senior staff, Committees and Council for the purpose of monitoring expenditures within the various budget areas.

The Township’s budget is a public document and you may view or receive a copy of it by contacting the Treasurer.  Budget highlights are posted in the Documents section, below.

Contact Information

Brenda Stimpson
Phone: 705-489-2379


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