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Take the Algonquin Highlands Fireworks Survey

At the recommendation of the Environment and Stewardship Committee, the Council for the Township of Algonquin Highlands is considering further restrictions to the lighting and sale of fireworks within the Township, including the possibility of a complete ban. The Township is seeking input from residents to assist with the decision-making process around this issue.

The negative environmental impacts of fireworks are increasingly well-documented. Most fireworks contain a number of chemical elements, including but not limited to copper, barium, aluminum, carbon, iron, sulfur, phosphorus and zinc. When detonated, fireworks release these elements and their particulate matter into the air, as well as into lakes and other waterbodies. These contaminants can have negative and long-term environmental implications.

Fireworks also create noise and light that can be extremely frightening for wildlife, so much so that in some cases, it may cause them to abandon their homes or young. They can cause great disturbance to the nesting patterns of loons, ducks and other animals. The noise and light pollution associated with fireworks is often upsetting for domestic animals as well.

The Township's current Fireworks By-Law restricts the lighting of fireworks to prescribed times on five holidays/holiday weekends, those being New Year's EveVictoria Day, Canada Day, the Civic Holiday and Labour Day. There are fines in place for violation of the by-law.

You can take the Algonquin Highlands Fireworks Survey hereor find it at 

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