Photo of Road Construction

The Township of Algonquin Highlands strives to provide safe and reliable roads to allow for the efficient movement of goods, services and people throughout the community.

The Township maintains approximately 120 km of roads, covering an area from Carnarvon to Oxtongue Lake.  In the winter we also maintain the following County Roads. 

  • Kawagama Lake Road # 8
  • Livingstone Lake Road # 12  
  • Dorset Main Street # 39
  • Little Hawk Lake Road # 13
  • Kushog Lake Road # 11

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Reduced or 'half' load restrictions are imposed each year during the spring thaw to protect Township roads when road damage is most likely to occur.  Half load restrictions will be posted in the News & Notices section.

Contact Information

Public Works Manager
Phone: 705-489-2379 Ext 325 

Public Works Supervisor - Stanhope Public Works Yard
1095 North Shore Road
Phone:  705-489-2600  Cell:  705-754-5450

Public Works Supervisor - Dorset Public Works Yard
1850 Kawagama Lake Road
Phone:  705-766-2912  Cell:  705-854-0303

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