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Road Occupancy Permits

A road occupancy permit is required when you want to install a utility within the Township road allowance.  Examples of this would be the installation of a water line and/or hydro services, buried beneath the road surface ("Road Cut") or installed on municipal land.  To apply for a road occupancy permit, print, complete and submit the Road Occupancy Permit application (found below under "Documents"), accompanied by the applicable fee, to the Township office.

Entrance Permits

An entrance permit is required to install a new entrance on your property, change the location of an existing one, or to install a second entrance. Entrance approvals for Township roads are handled by the Public Works Department. Print and complete the Entrance Permit Application form (found below under "Documents), and submit it, with the application fee, to the Township office. Entrance permits for County roads are handled by the County of Haliburton, while those for provincial highways #118, #35 and #60 are the responsibility of the Ontario Ministry of Transportation.

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