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Thinking of opening a home business?  Contact the Planning Department first, to make sure it's permitted where you live. 

Here are some quick facts about home businesses and the Algonquin Highlands Zoning By-law:

There are 2 different categories of a home business:

  • Home Occupation (e.g. office)
  • Home Industry (e.g. carpentry shop, metal shop)

The Zoning By-law sets specific requirements that must be met when running a Home Industry or Home Occupation, including but not limited to:

  • Limiting the percentage of floor space in your home or accessory building that can be used for a home business
  • Size limitations and locations for signage
  • Screening outdoor storage
  • Landscape buffers
  • Setbacks

To find out if your proposed home business will meet the zoning requirements and what to do if it doesn't, please contact the Planning Department.

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