Photo of Dorset Heritage Museum

The Dorset Museum features exhibits of early pioneer life, local settlers, traditional logging practices, and historic information about the pioneer settlement of the Dorset area.

The Dorset Heritage Museum works hard to develop exhibits for adults as well for younger folks. With the closure of the school, the community remains committed to sharing ‘the way it was’ with children.

Summer residents also want to treasure and respect the importance and uniqueness of their adopted community, and safeguard its future development.

The Management Committee hopes to accomplish this through participation in entertaining and informative activities.

The Museum gives talks and participates in local community events year round and opens upon request in off-season. The Museum also provides visitors with area information which is located in the reception area of the museum.

For more information on the Dorset Heritage Museum, visit their website at

Funding for the Dorset Heritage Museum Expansion Project has been received from the Ontario Trillium Foundation

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