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Compliance - Rules and Regulations

We're committed to ensuring a safe and enjoyable place for visitors. Please help us be good stewards of the land and water by understanding your role in our outdoors program.  

We don't like issuing fines but sometimes we must. Set fines range from $55 to $400 per offence, per person per day as approved Under Part 1 of the Provincial Offences Act to regulate and provide for the orderly use and operation of Municipal Campgrounds and other Recreational Lands.  The following summarizes the set fines approved for offences under by-laws related to the management of trails in the Townships of Algonquin Highlands, Minden Hills and Lake of Bays.

Offence Set Fine
Fail to carry permit $55.00
Fail to produce permit $55.00
Unlawfully occupy campsite $200.00
Occupy campsite other than on permit $100.00
Occupy location other than campsite $200.00
Excessive number of persons or tents occupying campsite $100.00
Leave occupied campsite unattended over time limit $100.00
Occupy campsite over time limit $100.00
Fail to restore campsite to its original condition $200.00
Fail to leave campsite in neat and tidy condition $200.00
Fail to remove camp equipment or other personal property from campsite $100.00
Fail to extinguish fire at campsite $400.00
Start fire other than in fireplace $200.00
Permit fire other than in fireplace $350.00
Possess fireworks $200.00
Ignite fireworks $400.00
Remove, Damage or Deface Municipal property $150.00
Unlawfully damage plant or tree $150.00
Unlawfully cut plant or tree $400.00
Unlawfully remove plant or tree $400.00
Deposit litter or other debris $250.00
Abandon vehicle, boat, trailer or other equipment $200.00
Unlawfully construct or make excavation $400.00
Use abusive or insulting language $200.00
Make Excessive noise $200.00
Disturb other persons $200.00
Engage in horseplay $200.00
Engage in rowdy or unruly behavior $200.00
Interfere with lawful use $200.00
Obstruct access to facility or land $200.00
Block access to facility or land $200.00
Prevent use of facility or land $200.00

Note: For a complete and official copy of the related by-laws, as amended, please contact the Township of Algonquin Highlands. 

For questions or to report violations contact:

Trails Office (Haliburton Highlands Water Trails)
20130 Highway # 35 North
Phone: 705-766-9033
Fax: 705-766-2402

Mailing Address:
Township of Algonquin Highlands
1123 North Shore Road, Algonquin Highlands, ON K0M 1J1