Algonquin Highlands offers artists one of the most naturally beautiful places in the province to create. This rugged beauty has been attracting artists to our region for over 100 years and has been brought to public attention by Tom Thomson, A.Y. Jackson, Lawren Harris, A.J. Casson and other members of the Group of Seven, as well as their contemporaries and successors such as Joachim Gauthier, Doris McCarthy and Herbert Sidney Palmer.

Far from noise, congestion, and traffic, the artists in our community live in nature with all its changing seasons and moods inspiring them to create works of art. 

Our artists channel the wild spirit of nature, the paradox of smallness and vastness, the contrast of solitude and the intimacy of a small community into their work.  Sometimes they interpret our surroundings literally; other times, it just charges their creative energies.

In Algonquin Highlands you will find visual artists, potters, sculptors, photographers, writers, musicians, dancers and more— in their studios, at performances, events and festivals, running workshops, in regional galleries and on-line.

We hope that when you meet them, you will engage in conversation to discover their love for the Highlands and the inspiration they gather from this beautiful place.


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