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29 Jun

NOTICE: Pedestrian Bridge at Buttermilk Falls to be Closed

Below is an information bulletin from Parks Canada regarding the pedestrian bridge at Buttermilk Falls:

Pedestrian Bridge at Buttermilk Falls to be Closed
Trent-Severn Waterway National Historic Site

Peterborough, Ontario, June 28, 2017 – The pedestrian bridge by Buttermilk Falls, adjacent to the dam at the outflow of Halls Lake, will be closed indefinitely on Friday June 30th, 2017. An engineering inspection of the bridge conducted by an external engineering firm deemed the bridge unsafe for use and recommended that it be closed. The engineering report also concluded that the bridge is beyond repair and will need to be removed.

Despite the bridge being adjacent to the Parks Canada owned Halls Lake Dam, it remains unclear who is in legal possession of the actual bridge. As public safety is a top priority for Parks Canada, immediate action will be taken to close the bridge. A chain-link fence and signs will be placed at either end of the bridge to indicate its closure.

Parks Canada has informed the municipality of Algonquin Highlands, the Halls and Hawk Lakes Property Owners Association, and businesses in the immediate area about the steps that will be taken to close the bridge. Decisions about the longer term removal or replacement of the bridge will be deferred until legal possession of the bridge is clarified.

Parks Canada is committed to providing a temporary pedestrian crossing for the community across the Halls Lake dam. This crossing will be subject to the operational requirements of the dam and will not be available when the dam is at its winter setting.

Parks Canada would like to thank community members and visitors for their understanding. For further information or to indicate you would like to receive future updates about this bridge please email Parks Canada at


Darryl Whitehead
External Relations Manager
Ontario Waterways Unit, Parks Canada