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23 Dec

COVID-19 UPDATE #20-31 Provincial Lockdown

For Immediate Release

Algonquin Highlands, Ontario
Tuesday, December 22, 2020
2:30 pm

Release #20-31

Subject: Township of Algonquin Highlands COVID 19 Update - Provincial Lockdown

Township of Algonquin Highlands remains under a declared State of Emergency.

The Algonquin Highlands Emergency Control Group met yesterday following the Provincial lockdown announcement. As a result of these discussions, commencing January 4, 2021, interaction with all staff will be limited to telephone and email, in person meetings will not be available during the lockdown.

For staff contact information please visit the Township’s Frequently Asked Questions webpage.

Please Note the Township of Algonquin Highlands administration office and Dorset Recreation Centre will be closed for the holidays from 12:00 noon on Thursday, December 24, 2020 to Friday, January 1, 2021. Regular business will resume remotely on January 4, 2021.

The public can be assured that essential services will be retained as best as possible. Our Fire Services will continue to operate at full capacity with universal precautions in place.

In order to effectively implement these measures, there will be modifications to usual business processes as noted below:

Parks Recreation and Trails

Outdoor Ice Rinks

The Dorset Ice Palace and Stanhope Gardens outdoor rinks will open on, or after, January 6, weather permitting, in accordance with the following Provincial COVID restrictions:

  • Provincially regulated outdoor group size maximums and social distancing must be adhered to
  • Change rooms at the Dorset Ice Palace will be closed
  • No gameplay is permitted. This includes hockey and shinny
  • No sports equipment is permitted, with the exception of helmets

We appreciate these rink restrictions are frustrating, however we continue to work towards public safety.  Contraventions of the above noted restrictions may result in the closure of these rinks.

Recreational Trails

  • The Frost Centre Ski and Snowshoe Trails will open on or after January 4, weather permitting. No ski or snowshoe rental equipment will be available
  • All hiking/snowshoe trails remain open by donation at the trailhead

Rental Equipment

  • No rental equipment will be available, this includes skis and snowshoes


  • Based on provincial COVID regulations the backcountry campsites associated with the Haliburton Highlands Water Trails, Frost Centre and Poker Lakes will be closed and no new reservations will be permitted until after the lockdown is lifted, which is currently anticipated to be January 24. Subject to change based on provincial direction

Public access computers

  • Public access computers at the Dorset Recreation Centre are closed during the lockdown and will open as provincial COVID restrictions permit, anticipated January 24. Subject to change based on provincial direction


  • The terminal building remains closed to the public
  • Fuel remains available via the card lock system
  • Regular aviation operations continue
  • Emergency services such as Hydro One, Ornge and MNRF retain full access to the airport

Building/By-Law Department

  • Application forms pertaining to this department continue to be available online
  • Staff will continue field inspections while observing appropriate distancing and hygiene protocols

Finance Department

  • Tax payments continue to be accepted as follows;
    • Online through your financial institution
    • Via telephone banking
    • At your financial branch (please check with your local branch for hours)
    • Cheques  may be mailed or deposited in the secure drop box located on the front porch of the Township office (absolutely no cash is to be deposited in the drop box)

Library Services

  • The Stanhope Library is closed to the public due to renovations
  • The Dorset Library book drop services will resume starting January 4th following the regular holiday Christmas Closure
  • Public Wi-Fi hotspots at both locations remain available


  • Application forms pertaining to this department continue to be available online

Public Works – Roads

  • Service levels will be maintained

Public Works – Landfills

  • Landfill operations continue in accordance with current COVID-19 protocols.


1. FAQs: Find out how Township operations have been impacted by COVID-19 on our Frequently Asked Questions page

2. Other Questions: If you cannot find the answer to your question on the Frequently Asked Questions page you may email your question to or call 705-489-2379 ext. 369 and leave a message with your questions.  Your email or phone call will be returned during normal business hours 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday to Friday.  If your phone call or email is an emergency, please call 911.

We thank the public for their understanding as we work toward keeping our community safe and healthy.

Contact Information:
Jonathan Wilker
Fire Chief/CEMC
Township of Algonquin Highlands
(705) 489-2379 ext. 369
Algonquin Highlands, ON K0M 1J2

Dawn Newhook
Clerk/Emergency Information Officer
Township of Algonquin Highlands
(705 489-2379 ext, 369