We understand that losing a pet is a traumatic experience.  It's our hope that this website can help increase the chances of getting Fido or Fluffy back home. 

Lost & Found Pets



No Dogs reported missing at this time



Contact information: Ian MacCallum
1557 Braeloch Rd (near Halls Lake)
Algonquin Highlands

Date the pet was lost:  Just before dawn, Thursday, Nov 30/17
Area the pet was lost:  1557 Braeloch Rd (off Hwy 35, north of Carnarvon, north of North Shore Rd, near Halls Lake), Algonquin Highlands
Type (dog or cat) and breed: cat, part Maine-coon, neutered male, indoor/outdoor cat
Type of collar and colour, or, if applicable, indicate no collar: chipped, but no collar
Size and weight: medium size, 5.0 kg
Colour and markings: grey, with a white chin
Approximate age: 7 yrs
Tag, license or tattoo number - chipped
For cats, if it is declawed: has claws, never trimmed

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  • Type (dog or cat) and breed:
  • Type of collar and colour, or, if applicable, indicate no collar:
  • Size and weight:
  • Colour and markings:
  • Approximate age:
  • Tag, license or tattoo number
  • For cats, if it is declawed:
  • Any other identifiers?
  • Recent photo, if you have one:

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