Photo of tractor doing roadside mowing.

Summer is a busy time for our Public Works staff, who work hard to keep our roads, parks and facilities in good repair.  

Regular summer road maintenance activities include:

  • Roadside mowing/brushing, which helps with site lines and reduces the chance of the roads growing in
  • Culvert maintenance and replacements when necessary, to help with drainage
  • Ditching, to help improve drainage
  • Road surface sweeping, to clear sand residue left over on roadways after winter sanding operations
  • Pot hole patching and spray patching, which helps eliminate minor imperfections in the road surface
  • Grading of gravel roads, to help eliminate washboard and improve water runoff
  • Application of a dust suppressant, to help keep dust at a minimum and stabilize the gravel surface
  • Application of fresh gravel, where needed
  • Speed/warning sign maintenance and replacement
  • Guidepost installation and maintenance

Did you know that Public Works staff also provide the following services?

  • Landfill maintenance, including weekly covering of waste and scheduling of recycle bin replacements
  • Cemetery maintenance and interments
  • Parks maintenance
  • Building maintenance
  • Airport property maintenance

If you see something on a road or municipal property that needs repair or attention, check out our Report a Problem page for information on how to contact us. 

Contact Information

Operations Manager
Phone: 705-489-2379 ext. 325

Stanhope Public Works Yard
1085 North Shore Road
Phone:  705-489-2600

Dorset Public Works Yard
1850 Kawagama Lake Road
Phone:  705-766-2912