COVID-19 Impacts on Waste Management Services

All sites are open regular SUMMER season hours.

IMPORTANT:  All tissues, paper towels, wipes (including flushable), masks and gloves must be placed in with your household garbage, NEVER place in with recycling.

Dorset Transfer Station, Oxtongue Lake and
Maple Lake Landfill
are accepting all normally permitted materials during all normal operating hours.

Restrictions remain in place at Pine Springs and Hawk Lake sites. 

The ReUse Centres at Maple, Dorset and Oxtongue remian closed until further notice.

Regular tipping fees are applicable - fees listed are effective January 1, 2021 (for current rates please check the waste wizard):
Material MAPLE DORSET OXTONGUE Min. charge $/yd3
Construction and demolition materials Accepted Accepted Accepted $15 $65/yd3
Shingles Accepted Accepted Accepted $15 $60/yd3
Concrete, bricks, tiles Accepted NOT Accepted Accepted $15 $65/yd3
Bulky Items Accepted Accepted Accepted $15 $65/yd3
Household garbage >1 yd3 Accepted Accepted Accepted na $30/yd3
Brush (must be <4" diameter) Accepted NOT accepted NOT accepted $15 $25/yd3
Yard waste (leaves, etc.) Accepted NOT accepted Accepted $15 $25/yd3
Upholstered furniture/Mattress/box spring Accepted Accepted Accepted $15 / piece
CFC Appliances (Fridges, etc.) Accepted Accepted Accepted $40 / each
Fluorescent light tubes, UV light tubes Accepted Accepted   $0.50/foot
Scrap metal Accepted Accepted Accepted no charge
Electronics Accepted Accepted Accepted no charge
Tires on or off rim Accepted NOT accepted Accepted no charge
Boat Accepted Accepted Accepted $8/foot add $65 for motor
Hazardous Materials, paint, etc. NOT accepted NOT accepted NOT accepted    
There are no further Hazardous Waste Collection events scheduled in 2020.
Cottage Kits
- if you require more than 10 cottage kits please e-mail to arrange for supplies to be available, limited quantities are on hand at sites.

Payment must be by debit or credit card using our new tap-to-pay system
CASH will not be accepted in keeping with COVID-related public health recommendations


We encourage you to limit your visits to waste disposal sites as much as possible, once a week or every other week. 
When attending waste sites, please adhere to the following:

  • Do not bring passengers to waste sites unless you need physical assistance unloading your vehicle or have no other arrangements made for watching a dependant (child, elderly, etc.).  Passengers should stay in your vehicle.
  • Do not cross any physical barriers put in place at each site.
  • Do not approach attendants for assistance unless you are in physical distress.
  • Do not enter the site attendant’s shelter or bring food or beverages for the site attendants.
  • Do not exit your vehicle with the exception of unloading your vehicle at the household waste bin and recycling bins.
  • All communication with site staff shall be completed through the window of your vehicle, and shall be limited to discussions regarding the disposal of your waste.
  • Wearing a mask when interacting with site staff and others is recommended.
  • When you have exited your vehicle, ensure that you are practicing social/physical distancing with a minimum of 2m (6 feet) between yourself and other site users.

Any person verbally harassing or abusing site staff and/or failing to comply with the above requirements or regular waste facility rules/regulations will be suspended from attending the site.

All Landfill Restriction Remain in Place at Hawk Lake and Pine Spring sites.

  • Until further notice, the Township will not be accepting the following materials at Hawk Lake landfill or Pine Springs landfill landfill site;
    • No construction materials, concrete or shingles
    • No scrap metal
    • No bulky items (anything that doesn’t fit in a standard size garbage can is considered a bulky item)
    • No mattresses
    • No furniture
    • No appliances (Fridges, stoves, freezers, etc.)
    • No electronics
    • No batteries or fluorescent bulbs
    • No brush, no leaves, no yard waste
    • No boats
  • Only up to 1 cubic yard per vehicle of household waste and blue box recycling will be accepted
  • Please ensure you check the latest information prior to attending a landfill site.

Re-use centres at Maple, Dorset and Oxtongue remain closed

The Lions Bottle Depot has resumed collection of deposit return containers (beer, wine, etc.) at the Dorset Transfer Station.

Information in the Waste Wizard has been updated, and will continue to be updated as materials accepted and/or disposal site hours change in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  You can sign up to receive notifications via e-mail, text message or phone call through the Waste Wizard by clicking on the "Waste Event Calendar" and "Get a Reminder".  Through this service you will only receive notices in regard to Waste Management activities (not notices about most other things happening in the Township).

Please note: there are no further Hazardous Waste collection events scheduled for 2020.  Please watch for notices regarding 2021 events in the spring.


Why did the Township reducing waste services?

We have reduced our waste services to achieve a few objectives:

  1. Eliminate cash handling and receipting activities.  Site attendants do not have access to water and soap to wash their hands throughout the day, so disease transmitted on money and receipts can pose a serious risk of infection to the staff and then to subsequent patrons.
  2. Protect our vulnerable population.  Our sites serve a lot of people every day, many of whom are seniors and people with autoimmune deficiencies. This means the chances of disease transmission from staff to a vulnerable person are high.
  3. Reduce interactions.  The Township wants to reduce the number of people site staff are exposed to each day to reduce their risk of infection. Eliminating non-essential site visits is an effective way to do this.

How do I get an exemption from these restrictions?

There will not be any exemptions made. While we recognize this is an inconvenience, just remember that this is for the health, safety and wellbeing of our entire community.

Are there any special considerations needed if i've been in self-isolation and now need to bring waste to a landfill site?

Please take all the recommended precautions recommended by health authorities and eliminate any contact with other site users and site staff.  All your waste should be contained in a clear plastic bag and securely closed.  As always, no "sharps" (i.e needles) are accepted.  All regular restrictions on waste disposal apply.

How do I file a complaint? 

Please send an email to to the attention of the Operations Manager outlining the grounds for your complaint and your proposed solution.

Exactly what can I dispose of?

Household garbage up to 1 cubic yard
All sites
Blue Box Recycling – Containers & Fibre
All sites
Construction/Demolition material
Maple  Lake , Oxtongue Lake and Dorset Transfer Station (fees apply)
Maple  Lake , Oxtongue Lake and Dorset Transfer Station (fees apply)
Maple  Lake , Oxtongue Lake and and Dorset Transfer Station (fees may apply)
Furniture & Mattresses
Maple  Lake , Oxtongue Lake and  Dorset Transfer Station (fees apply)
Maple  Lake and  Oxtongue Lake  (fees apply)
Bulky items
  (i.e. anything that doesn’t fit in a standard size garbage can)
Maple  Lake , Oxtongue Lake  and Dorset Transfer Station (fees apply)
Scrap Metal
Maple  Lake , Oxtongue Lake and Dorset Transfer Station 
Maple Lake and Oxtongue Lake
Maple  Lake , Oxtongue Lake and Dorset Transfer Station 
Maple  Lake , Oxtongue Lake and Dorset Transfer Station 
Fluorescent light bulbs
Maple  Lake , Oxtongue Lake and Dorset Transfer Station  (fees apply)
Empty automotive oil containers
Maple  Lake , Oxtongue Lake and Dorset Transfer Station 
Propane tanks and cylinders
Maple  Lake , Oxtongue Lake and Dorset Transfer Station 
Maple  Lake site only  (fees apply)
Leaf and Yard waste
Maple  Lake, Oxtongue Lake  (fees apply)
Maple  Lake,  Oxtongue  Lake  and Dorset Transfer Station (fees apply)