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There are some terrific things to see, do and learn about in Algonquin Highalnds. Here are just a few of the highlights.

Dorset Lookout Tower

1191 Tower Road, off Hwy. 35
The Dorset Scenic Lookout Tower is located off Highway 35 just north of the village of Dorset. Facilities include an extensive picnic site, restrooms, a tourist information kiosk, gift shop and a hiking trail.  Visitors are welcome to climb to the observation deck which is 465 feet (142 metres) above Lake of Bays.

Visit the Dorset Lookout Tower page for more information.

Hawk Lake Log Chute

1584 Big Hawk Lake Rd.

Rebuilt in early 2005, this chute was originally built in the late 1860s and is the last one of its kind in the province. The chute is 220’ long and 13’ across at its widest point and when the winter melt waters cascade down it’s length you can hardly hear yourself think. The park, interpretive pavilion, picnic area and trail make a wonderful - and very educational,  stopping point. Plan to spend some time here with your camera or your easel.

For more information on this unique, provincially significant historic site, visit the Stanhope Museum website at

Buttermilk Falls

16909 Hwy. 35
This tumbling waterway was originally called Davis' Rapids, and was used to carry logs down to Minden. Buttermilk Falls has been home to a bowling alley, roller skating rink, dance hall, post office and general store. The post office closed in 1938 and the other buildings burnt down in 1951. An original general store and gas pumps burnt down in the 1930s. There are public washrooms and a picnic area here.

Ragged Falls

Hwy 60 at the western edge of Algonquin Provincial Park.  
This spectacular waterfall remains natural and wild. A well-groomed trail leads to a nice overlook, and the view is equally as impressive from the bottom or the top.

A marked gravel road provides access to Ragged Falls. Also accessible are the parking lot, washrooms and marked hiking trails that lead to a lookout over the falls. A parking permit is required and can be obtained from a central parking meter. Canoeing is permitted.



The S.S. Bigwin

The Bigwin Steamship was rescued from a watery grave and restored over an 8-year period by the Lake of Bays Marine Museum.  the S.S. Bigwin was one of the last remaining steam vessels to operate on Lake of Bays and was officially re-launched in 2010.  The permanent home of the S.S. Bigwin is in Dorset at the original wharf and property used by the Huntsville and Lake of Bays Navigation Company.  Thousands of dollars were donated by the community toward this historic preservation project.